Sunday, May 3, 2009

After All, Easter is the Guilt Holiday

Let's talk logistics here:
  • Buying eggs
  • Hard boiling eggs
  • Finding/buying crayons to write on aforementioned eggs
  • Writing on eggs
  • Dyeing eggs (multiple colours)
  • Putting eggs in travel-safe container
  • Carrying eggs to work
  • Placing eggs strategically in fridge
  • Awaiting (inevitable!) cleaning of fridge
  • Pull garbage can over to fridge
  • Throw out all contents of fridge
I especially love the underlined "CLEAN" so as to add emphasis.
"Clean the fridge", as opposed to
"Strategically place pre-prepared Easter eggs in fridge to remind nameless entity other than oneself to clean fridge".
I am *so* glad I don't work in an office anymore.