Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tattoo FAIL

There is nothing more satisfying that seeing stupid people branded with marks equal to or greater than their own stupidity.

I can't write my disdain fast enough.

Let's explore the iconographic significance of this objet d'art:

  • (Bugs?) Bunny, with pierced bunny ear and assymetrical hat angle for extra badassness= Tattoo owner is no friend to authority
  • Early 90's-style peace sign tee= Allusion to the plight of Tibetans to gain independance
  • Loose yet form-fitting slacks= Tattoo owner knows how to party, but can also clean up good for church and Grandma's house
  • Nike high-tops= Socio-political commentary on the commodification of children as sweatshop workers
  • Pole in hand= Obviously represents pole-vaulting. Duh.