Saturday, April 11, 2009

On The Next Episode Of "Mad Men"

Ok fellas, we've got the Lane Bryant account. Now, they've told us they're sweet-talkin' the Chubby demographic.
They've put together a Chubby Fashion book, full of Chubby-size clothes for the typical All-American Chubby.
Keep in mind boys, that this is not your father's Chubby. This is a new, bold and modern Chubby we're courting. We need to think outside the box on this one, and really sink our hooks into those Chubbies.
If we make good on this, the Husky account is gonna fall into our laps, like the food that falls out of the mouth of a Chubby.
Now. Who's gonna handle this one? How 'bout you, Jones? That wife of yours can give you some inspiration.
Let's break for lunch, and don't forget boys-- we need those Chubbies.