Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, This? It's Just a Pamphlet on Existentialism

I like to support small business when I can. If I need to buy a book, I try to find it at local, independantly-owned bookstores. But occasionally, I find myself in the mouth of the beast... Chapters. (Shout out to my sister Sarah-Hi! Please don't let this stop you from buying me gift cards for books!)
I guess I've been away too long, becuase on my most recept trip I found some new and curious section headers.
I come from a time (and a sensibility) in which books are categorized into such genres as Self-Help, Gardening, Wellness, Travel, Cooking, Fiction and Literature (yes, they ARE different), and so on.
So you can imagine my surprise upon discovering:
Human Resources!

American cuisine too exciting for your palate? Try... Canadian Cooking!

Need some mid-grade quality parchment with which to wipe your ass? Why not check out... James Patterson!Wait, wait, wait. That last one is fake, right. Right??

Oh. It's real. I see.

We're all fucked.

Thankfully, I have acquired a list of exciting new genres coming soon to a Chapters near you:

  • Sweatpants!
  • Armenian Baking!
  • Meercat Husbandry!
  • Pogo-Ball Maintenance!
  • Do-It Yourself REM Sleeping!

If you need me, I'll be in Hermaphrodite Erotica.