Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ABBA Met the Same Fate

I love this style of upper-body dancing. I call it "The Unfortunate War Veteran".

Also, girls-- please don't get too excited about Ken. There's not much flavour South of the border, if you know what I mean. But that hair he's rocking... that hair is man enough for twelve eunuchs. And I love his "I don't give a shit" attitude. So typical of the underground-club-coke-and-bareback-for-cash 80's man.

I forgot how 80's style was capable of morphing a 10-year old girl into a 34-year old Michigan housewife. A tightly-coiled perm, eyebrows as thick as molasses, and a good sweep of blue eyeshadow for good measure could turn Stephanie Tanner into Mrs. Seaver.

My favourite part-- skip to 0:21 when Barbie asks Ken to join the band- she's still dancing!! Bitch is a fucking slave to the rhythm! I'll bet she rode the scene hard until 1993, when she found Jesus and renounced her sinful ways. Ken left her and headed to Seattle where he played drums in a band called Reject-ulation until he got his Masters in philosophy.

Ah well... we all have to grow up sometime.


tarathemick said...

barbie and rockers bf was not ken... it was Eric, and he was kind of a stud. He wore briefs

Chamuca said...

You are hilarious.

I didn't have the freaky-arms dancing Barbies, but I still have all of the Barbie and the Rockers outfits.

I just found all my Barbie stuff recently. My friend and I dressed them up like whores and made them act out ridiculous scenes.

Oh, and I'm 28 years old.

Anonymous said...