Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh CNN, you never fail to disappoint.

As per my daily routine of visiting my four favourite news sites, I came upon today and discovered what is potentially the most suprising news story of the year. Look out Barack Obama-- there's a new story on the block. Stop the presses, because we've got one hell of a scoop, and it has nothing to do with Ben and Jerry's, people.
According to the Atlanta-based news service, there's "No good way to tell kids they have cancer". Fucking Yikes.

Not only did CNN see fit to inform the public at large about this breaking headline, but they (correctly!) decided to make it their lead story on
I have prepared a list of possible headlines for CNN to fall back on as they plough through the inevitable muck in attemping to back up what will inevitably be remembered as 2008's most sensationalistic claim.
"Genital herpes no picnic"
"Losing home and family to fire puts damper on holidays for local man"
"Religion continues to be point of debate in most countries"
"Study: Sex often leads to pregnancy, say docs"

Once again, I'd like to extend my personal kudos to Ted Turner's CableNewsNetwork for keeping us abreast of breaking news, as it happens.

Post Script: I find Anderson Cooper to be quite attractive.