Monday, December 8, 2008

If You Read This Blog...

Feel free to comment!

I like being criticized. A lot.

I like the one-way-blind style of social interaction. It fascinates me. I also like the one-way-blind style of sexual interaction, but that's a whole different post.

It's actually really weird, because I just assume nobody reads this page, but the other day I installed a counter to see if anybody actually visits my home here on the interweb, and all of a sudden I see there have been 170 (unique) visits in a very short period.

I like to hear feedback. You can even be bitchy. I can handle it. I'm tough!

Your comment might look like this:

"You self-righteous bitch. Where the HELL do you get off?"

Or, it might resemble this:

"I hate your face but I think your funny"

Or you might be inspired to write me a love letter:

"hey i m 15 & horney u single?"

The point is, please comment! If you do, I might flash you my boobs.


Anonymous said...

hey im 15 and horney u single?

actually, I just clicked over from dlisted and have been enjoying your site for a while this afternoon...when I should be working.

Michelle Wood said...

GASP! I hope for your sake there is no 1984-style surveillance going on. My blof is mos def NSFW. Because I swear. And it's all about religion and being slutty.
Thanks for the comment, dude.
Enjoy on.

Anonymous said...