Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Ideas, Bad Ideas

Good Idea: Supporting small businesses, going green, dontating to your local food bank.

Bad Idea: Barfing red wine over your balcony into a snowbank, making it obvious that YOU are to blame for the recent series of vomit puddles found all over a densely-populated apartment building. I'm looking at you, suite 2102.


Anonymous said...

Good fucking lord that's terrible.
Aside, my word verification (or captcha) for this comment is "frablean".

~ Jo

Anonymous said...

Also blogger cannot seem to differentiate between 1 comment and 1 comments, so I am forced now to make another comment to make the plural proper. So sorry to spam, but not for all the awesome alliteration that appeared in this comment.

~ "Launfac"

somebody said...