Friday, November 21, 2008

Proposals For New TV Shows

1. Blunt Force Trauma
Starring British heartthrob and crooner James Blunt, this reality drama-dy will focus entirely on the lives of one of his female stalkers. Cameos slated for the first several episodes include Jessica Rabbit, Markie Post, Judge James Ito, and the Kool-Aid jug man.
Good watching? Oh YEAH!

2. Walden- The Series
Reworked from Henry David Thoreau's Transcendental masterpiece, Walden- The Series will strike a chord with senior citizens everywhere. Essentially one hour of nature photography, the show will serve as a gentle respite from the terror found in our Post-Post Modern world. Bronson Pinchot will make a brief appearance as Super Space-Bot #2 in the show's pilot. Mayim Bialik will be a series mainstay, appearing as a useless pile of leaves.

3. Teddy Ruxpin 2092
It's the year 2092, and the evil Queen of Sugar Mountain is secretly assembling an army of Gummi Bears. Fierce and terrifyingly pliable, the Gummi Bears will no doubt carry out the Queen's plot to enslave the human race. Our only hope is Teddy Ruxpin, the anamatronic justice-seeker from deep in the Siberian rainforest. Will Teddy save us from the Queen's sugary doom before it's too late? Tune in to find out!